What Kind of Bedding Is Best for Snakes?

By | February 11, 2020

The snakes are one of the most admired pet while it comes to fostering the reptiles. Some snakes are somewhat convenient to be taken care of, such as corn snakes. Another kind of snakes requires utmost attention while at home, and they are difficult to handle, show a survey. It is great if the owner keeps the snake in a glass terrarium instead of a metallic or plastic. It would be much easier to communicate with the snake that way and will lead to a harmonious friendship between the two of you. They will be doubly impressed if you select the right bedding options for them. The cage of the snakes should be properly maintained and have a lid to prevent the snake from running away.

Different kinds of beddings are:

What Kind of Bedding Is Best for Snakes?

Newspaper bedding:

It is the easiest to get kind of bedding, and the chances of digging burrows also decrease. They are inexpensive, almost free, and hence it is the most widely used bedding for snakes. Bedding made from the newspapers is extremely convenient to change whenever any issue regarding feces and skin shedding arises.

Towel beddings:

These are the most absorbent kind of bedding chosen for the snakes at home. These beddings are easy to change, too, when you are cleaning the cage. But these should be cleaned from time to time as the towel can accumulate soil if not cleaned properly.

Aspen shavings:

The beddings that are made from softwood of aspen are the most preferred in the category of a little solid and warm bedding. These are softwoods, and the snakes can easily make burrows in them; hence these are mostly preferred by the snakes. It is liked by other pests like rats, rabbits, etc. These are the best corn snake substrate due to its soft texture. It contains the quality of controlling bad odor as well. These shavings can also come in green colors because some companies dye them green to provide a feeling of homeliness to the snakes. It might transfer its color onto the skin of the snakes.

Cypress mulch:

It is very comfortable bedding due to its tenderness, and it is basically loved by the snakes. Cypress is a little scented wood that allows refreshing of minds to the snakes. It is better for both types of burrowing as well as non-burrowing snakes. It can also be placed in the water enclosures having living plants in it. But the owners are advised to be careful because mites are easily grown in cypress shavings and are hard to eliminate. Thus it is suggested to bake the mulch for a minimum of half an hour in the microwave.

Coconut fiber:

It is suitable for the tiny snakes and provides them extreme comfort. It, too, comes with smell controlling features and known for holding moisture and humidity very well. It’s not required in coconut fiber substrate to change the whole bedding; you only need to add more of it as time passes.


The carpets are easy to clean, and they cannot bear moisture. It is good to keep a separate carpet so that when the first one is getting washed, then you can place the second one inside the cage. It is suitable for non-burrowing snakes due to its surface and texture.

The most unsuitable beddings for snakes are:

What Kind of Bedding Is Best for Snakes?

It is advised to not opt for some stuff that is supposed to be not enough good to be placed as snake bedding, and those are:

Sand bedding:

These are aesthetically pleasing due to its softness, and it increases the risk of the snake swallowing it. The sand bedding also messes up the whole place of home, and the sand particles might appear out from the cage that takes extra effort and time of the owner to get that cleaned.

Walnut shells:

The shells of walnut can be easily picked up and thrown away when needed. Therefore, these are convenient to change, but these are somewhat hard for the snake to feel comfortable in the shell beddings. These should be avoided for the same reason.

Suitable beddings for different snakes:

For corn snakes:

These snakes are found in the areas of North America and are known to be professional climbers. They love to do burrowing as well, and due to this reason, they prefer the bedding, which allows them to perform digging and burrowing. The best corn snake substrate is aspen wood shavings because these snakes are fluffy and absorbent. Cypress mulch is the second-best bedding for the corn snakes due to its moisture-holding capacity. Both of these beddings are excellent in terms of controlling bad odor from the cage of snakes. Another nice option for making the bedding for corn snakes is the carpet one and newspaper one. So if you are going for the newspaper one, then it is nice to firstly crumble it into pieces before placing them as bedding in the cage. It will help the snake to get under it and become playful as well.

For garter snakes:

These snakes generally live near water bodies like rivers, lakes, etc. therefore, they prefer to dwell in humid climatic conditions, especially in the times of their reproduction. Cypress mulch, coconut fiber, and aspen shavings are some of the great options for their beddings. Newspapers and towels are nice options for baby garters but not preferred for adults. Thee garter snakes are highly burrowing snakes, so it is advised to fill two to three inches of bedding in their cage. It is also suggested to place a bowl filled with water in the cage of a garter snake because these snakes love to live in humid and moist climates.

For ball python snakes:

These snakes are found in the regions of Africa, and newspaper bedding is known to be the best bedding for them. They discard the bedding themselves, and due to this, their enclosure is cleaned properly.

Final note:

It is good if you use chemical-free shavings for your snake to use as bedding as the species of your snake might have allergy from those toxins.